Managing Partner

Modern Woodmen of America

I am born and raised in Orlando, FL, and I naturally feel a connection to my home city. I spent 10 years in Tallahassee, part as a college student attending Florida State University, and part as a young professional. I started my education in the School of Business, bouncing from major to major, before deciding to go outside of my comfort zone and ultimately landing on a BA in Sociology. This decision, I believe, has helped me more than words can describe. I am a practitioner of the study of people and believe I am uniquely equipped to fit into most situations and thrive.
My professional career has consisted of management in various restaurants and bars, marketing with Fox and CW stations. I have started 2 companies and made them profitable. I still hold a current Real Estate license and I am now in Finance.
Financial Advising has always been my end game and I believe that my ability to understand many different types of people and translate that into helping them with their finances, makes me unique even within my own industry. My goal is to take the anxiety associated with personal and business finances out of my client’s lives and to take something complex and explain it in simple, easy to understand terms.