Project Manager

DPR Construction

Guys with Ties Philanthropy – Chairman

Dack Vaught was born in Seattle, WA and moved to Florida in 1st grade where he was forever transformed into a Floridian but with the heart and soul of a Seattleite.  He graduated from the University of Florida in 1997 with a degree in Building Construction Management.  Since graduation Dack has completed several large construction projects around the State of Florida including High Rise Condos in Fort Lauderdale, Marco Island, and Naples.  Recently he managed the construction of the Lime Garage at Disney Springs serving as the Senior Project Manager for DPR Construction.

In his spare time Dack likes to play golf and travel.  He is an avid college football fan following his alma mater the University of Florida Gators.  He also has another passion and side job utilizing skills he’s been developing since college as a DJ.  He’s DJ’d around the State of Florida for charity events, tailgates, corporate events, private parties and at various clubs in Orlando.  He initially got involved with the Guys with Ties as the DJ for several fundraising events but after learning and seeing how these donations made such an impact, he found it to be very rewarding and decided to join the Guys with Ties organization in 2014.

He is now going into his 4th year as the Board Treasurer.  It’s important to Dack that he brings joy to people in life and to those in need whether it is through fundraising or volunteering for various charitable organizations. Giving back is the joy for him!