Project Leader

Hands On Orlando

Brittany Chaney is a Project Manager at Hands On Orlando and Community Liaison for AmeriCorps’ Frontline Families program with the responsibility of assisting with corporate team building events and helping facilitate and manage local volunteer projects including serving meals to the homeless, sorting goods, playing games with the elderly and adults with disabilities. With AmeriCorps she influences veterans and their families to attend project leader training as way to help them integrate into the community and sustain a sense of purpose and pride. Prior to joining Hands On Orlando, she worked in sales and at several companies, and served in the United States Navy where she gained priceless years of discipline and independence. Notable is her exceptional ability to gain the trust of others with her character and genuine attitude toward others. |Brittany’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that allow her to engage with the local community and share her passion for giving back. Her most recent projects involved 49 for 49, dedicating one calendar project to each of the Pulse shooting victims until all 49 were honored. She also worked tirelessly for two weeks to create over 1500ft of Orlando Love Banners that traveled throughout Central Florida to several of the city’s vigils, benefits and memorials collecting the thoughts and condolences in the form of words on paper from grieving friends and families and first responders to the Mayor’s office and visitors from all over the world.

With her need to expand her social and professional circles, Brittany attends many local networking events including FAVOB and the Mayor’s Veteran Advisory Council with hopes to soon find herself immersed even more local clubs, rotaries and associations alike. She enjoys mentoring and being mentored; her list of volunteer experience is extensive and continues to grow.

Currently, Brittany is enrolled at Valencia College for PR and Organizational Communications with the intent to transfer to UCF for Bachelors in Non-Profit Management or Public Administration. She takes an interest in public speaking, personal development and thrives on learning and growing each day. Being an Orlando native she has a deep love for her hometown and her two young boys she is raising; with their free time they enjoy outdoor sports, recreation and traveling.

In this new chapter in her life, Brittany works hard at becoming her more independent, responsible and authentic self. She does her best to live each day learning from all she has endured and moves forward having no regrets.